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    The Chamber is partner of several consortia and EU qualified Framework Contractors, bringing particular knowledge, experience and expertise related to South-East Europe. We have an extended database of SEE Regional experts with high expertise in different fields and Worldwide experts with high experience in the region.


    We warmly invite you to e-mail your CV to as a word document in the EU standard form.


    The Chamber has been involved in numerous projects in various sectors as an enabler between the key stakeholders. Several of the most interesting involvements are highlighted here:

    Renewable Energy Projects - Workshops   Promotion of Renewable Energies and development of the Wind Power plants in South East Europe is one of our long term devotion and ongoing activities. Several renewable projects are under development. Projects have been based on the Environmental analysis and technology Life Cycle Impact Assessments. Size of the projects is in wide range of small family farm windmill via 14 x 3MW up to wind parks of total previewed as large as 140 MWe. Overall approach is to raise awareness of decision-makers, industry, commerce, non governmental and educational stakeholders at local, regional, national and European level, spread best-practice, ensure a strong level of public awareness, understanding and support, and stimulate the necessary trends towards an increase in investment in sustainable energy practices. We have leveraged our contacts in energy expert entities in Belgium such as Proactive Energy Management, Electrabel, Tractebel Engineering, as well as with several local expert groups and individual experts such as EIHP, FSB, towards organizing closer cooperation.

    EU-Funded Raster Images Management System in Croatia   State Geodetic Administration of Republic of Croatia (SGA) is a governmental institution, in accordance with the Law of State Survey and Real Estate Cadastre, responsible for cadastre, official mapping, state survey and address register. Considering official mapping, aerial photogrammetry and satellite images are used. This material has huge relevancy for production of topographical maps (TM) and digital ortophoto maps (DOP) itself. Those images alone, or as a source for TM or DOP, are also platform for many other governmental systems based on spatial information, such as Land Data Base and Joint Information System of Land Registry and Cadastre (JIS), physical planning, construction, environmental protection, agricultural policy (present subsidy register and future LPIS), water & forestry management, demining, etc. Establishment of Raster Images Management System (RIMS) State Geodetic Administration of Republic of Croatia (SGA) is necessary as at present SGA’s stock of aerial and spatial images contains 200.000 pictures are not supported by the Raster Images Management System. Also some 150.000 older images are not digitalized. Therefore developing Raster Images Management System (RIMS) is essential to manage such amount of files and make them available to employees of SGA, other governmental institutions, companies and customers. EU has co-funded a significant scope of works through the CARDS and PHARE programs. We are very pleased that our Brussels based consortium has been pre-qualified by the European Commission, Aid Cooperation and Development for several Frame Work Contract lots including the Telecommunications and Information technologies. Based on that we have been invited by Central Finance and Contracting Agency of Croatia to recommend the best experts for this project of Establishment of Raster Images Management System (RIMS). At the same time our member GISDATA, a company with diverse knowledge and experience in GIS technology, significant experience with ESRI GIS software products, and with excellent expertise and references in the field was normal match to the project needs. We wish team of three GISDATA experts pleasant and very successful project execution.

    South-East European Transport Infrastructure   Our activities supporting for building sustainable South East European region economically have focused principally on the development of transport infrastructure. Primarily we appreciate very much support of the Belgian government, Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation for the support. At the same time we are appreciating partnership that we have developed with the Belgian partners, especially with the European Union Road Federation (ERF), International Road Federation (IRF), Brussels Programme Centre, as well as Russell Publishing in building Private Partnership Initiative. The result of our ever-intensifying working relations with ERF and SEETO (the South-East Europe Transport Observatory) further strengthened our involvement and support as partners in this important high-level gathering. There are several key meetings and conferences in the region that we are supporting with full engagement and without any reserve. It is very understandable when the official goal of the conferences and workshops is as it was in Tirana, to promote regional cooperation in developing the transport networks and thereby to contribute to the regional development and integration of the partners.