Milan Jezic von Gesseneck    2016-07-13

Knowledge For Innovation

European Parliament hosts European Innovation Summit

Brussels, Innovation

CHAMBER.BE European Parliament

Knowledge 4 Innovation stands for : Promoting innovation as the key tool for fostering sustainable economic growth, generating employment and further improving our current living standards. Bridging the gap between high level EU policies and practitioners´needs and expectations. Improving the dialogue and cooperation between the different innovation stakeholder groups and across sectors Developing a new innovation model in which people are at the heart of innovation Ensuring stronger integration and more synergies along the innovation value chain Adopting a sound risk approach based on qualitative science Reducing the time consuming bureaucracy that stifles innovation (time = money) Bringing ideas to the market through patent protection,standardization, public procurement and smart regulation

Some issues that will be covered during the Knowledge for Innovation summit to be held in European Parliament in the week of 14 November :

"Knowledge-intensive Services for Open Innovation"
"Robotics in Europe – Opportunities and challenges"
"Education Now, Innovation tomorrow"
"Circular Economy"
"INPACT - Pact for Innovation"
"The effect of Digitisation on Society" ■