Milan Jezic von Gesseneck    2016-04-30

Innovation in Energy


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Josip Jezic von Gesseneck at DIPLOHACK

In addition to comprehensive information on European Structural and Investment funds, Diplohack event of 29-30 April 2016 at The Council of the European Union, offered extremely innovative and future-orientated solutions. The objective was for young innovation teams to build web-based applications that enable European citizens to truly understand what is going on in Europe. Using EU collected data, the teams programmed new transparency applications that can enable decision-making on a European level searchable and understandable. There are 59 data providers to the portal: European Commission, Council of the EU, European Parliament, Directorates (DGs) and the European agencies (including JRC, Eurobarometer, Eurostat), plus extractions of the ’Official Journal’ in xml format). There are numerous ways to find the data: search on the website, discover by category, machine access: via SPARQL or CKAN API. Data is available at different levels from complete data to metadata including: title, description and link to the data sources.

Green Energy Josip Jezic von Gesseneck

One of the teams developed a web-based tool that helps funding and development of renewable energy in the European Union. Led by Joseph Jezic von Gesseneck, EnergyZip project focused on outlining transparency and cohesion of stakeholders’ perspectives relating to development of renewable energy as a solution for climate change. This comprehensive application examined EU Structural and Investment Funds’ open data on renewable energy monitoring how public institutions can achieve their goals for climate change. This is of highest interest for all our member countries both EU MS and EU candidate countries.

The tool, EnergyZip, combines valuable information sources combining all EU Structural and Investment Funds on renewable energy with other funds and data available giving comprehensive picture of reduction of CO2 as an effective indicator of impact of those funds. The outcome is presentation of the most effective practices, technologies, and policies of implementation and funding of renewable energy, as well to give a global position of the EU as a model or leader in this field.

Full presentation of EnergyZip and other Diplohack tools and more information on Diplohack is available here :

You can watch presentation of EnergyZip : ■