Milan Jezic von Gesseneck    2016-02-13


Helping create tomorrows innovators

Brussels, Innovation


Through vocational and academic studies, ERASMUS+, an EU-funded programme, is helping train tomorrow’s innovators!

The programme offers work placements and periods of academic study in EU member states, expanding both vocational skills to boost innovation in business and academic learning.

The Vocational Education and Training (VET) chapter of ERASMUS+ supports students enrolled in a vocational educational body to undertake a placement abroad for between two weeks and a year. The host could be another vocational school, a company or other workplace such as a public organisation, or perhaps an Non Governmental Organisation. Under the same scheme, staff from vocational training institutes can undertake European professional development activities, including further training, job shadowing and teaching assignments. Individuals should not make direct applications to the European Commission. The vocational training institute where the student is enrolled must apply on behalf of their students.

ERASMUS+ also offers grants and loans for students at all levels of their academic careers to pursue their studies, or embark on a business traineeship, in another EU state. Students at any level of higher education students spend either 3-12 months in an academic institution of another EU state, or 2-12 months in the case of work traineeships. To be eligible, students must be already studying at a recognised higher education institute. A small monthly stipend helps with living costs. Applications should not be made by students directly, but via the higher education institute where the student is enrolled. ■