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    The Chamber is an official certified Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Belgium and Luxembourg in charge of Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia including Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244) , and Slovenia, as well as of cooperation with Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Turkey.
    The Chamber supports technical and scientific, socio-economic cooperation and capacity-building in South-East-Europe, through EU projects as well as supporting, both at regional and federal level, key policymakers and business actors throughout the Chamber member states.
    The Chamber mission is overseen by the Advisory Patronage Board presided by HE Baron Paul De Meester.


    The Brussels based Chamber acts on the European level enhancing the technical cooperation and exchange of know-how and expertise. Currently one of the major activities on the European level is the promotion campaign partnership with the European Commission in building Energy Sustainable South-East Europe. The Chamber has been one of the inaugurating chambers of the Transnational Chamber of Commerce, the worldwide business chamber led by the World Chambers Federation.


    In organizing the conferences, forums, trainings, short term experts technical assistance, study visits, network meetings and the specialized, targeted missions, In the business development, development of the strategic partnerships and joint ventures, property acquiring and privatizations, market and product planning and positioning as well as in securing different financing solutions including PPP, For the import and export of the goods, for the distribution channels, agents and the representatives, By recommending the most qualified entities with the required expertise, for the individual requirements and requests beyond the scope of the Chamber activities.

    The Chamber has established the Global Chamber Award™ that presents the worldwide recognition for individuals or companies in South-East Europe with outstanding contributions towards improving the stability and prosperity of South-East Europe and achieving the goals in the Chamber Mission.

    The Chamber News™ periodical edited and published by the Chamber is distributed electronically to more than 4,950 individuals worldwide. The majority of readers are within the Belgium and Luxembourg business-oriented community, and from different EU & SEE institutions and governments.